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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

drive-in totals

you may be wondering what we mean by "drive-in totals." well, you see kids, back when i was in new york city in the summer of 2005, i lived with my best friends marshall and lily ... wait. no. let me start again:

back when me and eliot first met, one of the things that endeared us to each other was our mutual love for one Mr. Joe Bob Riggs (hallowed be his name, may he live for many years more). most folks got no clue who this guy is but he is probably the person most responsible for nurturing me through my formative teenage years (mom, dad and brother blair aside).  turns out eliot felt the same way - we both had spent countless nights as youggins stayin' up way to late to watch this crazy country yokel sit in front of his trailer and show us the world's worst films. the guy is a genius.

his humor, his taste in movies, his awesome fashion sense - all of it got in our heads, like that high-pitched squeling noise from scanners.<-- careful, there's alotta guts and stuff in this clip.

in every episode of his movie-review show monster vision, Joe Bob would total up all the ridiculous things that happened over the course of the movie and give you the DRIVE IN TOTALS. how many dead bodies, boobies, monsters, car crashes, etc. etc. hence, the drive-ins for ghostrunners.

now you know.

TNT MonsterVision (With Joe Bob Briggs) DVDs

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