eliot & drew bike through india for 3 months, trying to inconspicuously do some good in the world.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

a good ride

today is my last day in darjeeling. two days ago i was white-water rafting in a river fed by run off from the himalayas. i've sipped tea and coffee for days up in the hills and yesterday even became a member of the Darjeeling Gymkhana club for a day (playing snooker and drinking coffee in a big wooden clubhouse on a hill - very english, very relaxing. the score is 2-0 / Drew-Eliot, btw). but today i have to go down the hill and board a train to mumbai ... alone.

you see, we came here to bicycle. since the bicycling has ended, we've visited some sights, taken some pictures and written a few articles, but the main thrust of the trip was our bikes. now that that's over, it's time for me to go. i'm sad to be leaving eliot, but he'll be continuing on and updating y'all from time to time, i'm sure. as for me, i'll probably stop in a few more times to let you know how these last few days are, and keep your eyes peeled for some big articles coming in at the very end. this latter business will include overviews and reflections on culture, gear, and planning a trip to india yourself.

it has been a sincere joy to have this blog. it's silly and small, but the simple joy of dropping in and letting you guys know what we're up to, occasionally getting little notes from our readers, it really has kept us connected to home and family. you guys are outstanding - in fact, y'all are the reason we're able to do trips like these. without support and love, we wouldn't have a pedal to push on. thanks alot for checking in and reading, thanks for the support. i'm sad to be leaving india, but oh-so-grateful for my time here. i'm so blessed to have been able to share this trip with you guys. i hope you enjoyed my rants and ramblings.

keep peddling, guys.