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Thursday, November 19, 2009

the wolf is loose

eliot has landed in san antonio a little later than we anticipated, but he's here and we're rolling on.

last night we had a really good talk over some PBR about initial plans. things were pretty haphazard with both of us getting really excited, then butting heads, then laughing and getting excited again. i managed to take some notes:

1. We are definitely taking instruments, but we have to figure out which ones. also, we should take the digital recorder i have and lay down some sweet tracks - ghostrunners style.

2. How long do we want to stay in Dubai / the emirates?
2b. what's the cost to stay there?
2c. what things do we really want to do there?
2d. if worse came to worse, can we cut this leg of the trip completely?

3. Shipping bikes on planes seems to be the way to go. this is one of those things we can knock out now.

4. Camera(s): DSLR?
4b. found and tested the sony HD cam - little bitty guy that shoots 1080p. we'll be taking this and probably a point-and-shoot. it would be nice to have compatible HC SD cards for both and a netbook with a huge drive to DL them too. maybe external HDs?
4c. point and shoot options


We then made two lists, one of "controlled" costs / expenses and one of research topics:

• Food (+stove) <-- assuming 50% meals prepared / purchased
• Clothing
• Bikes (tubes, tires, etc)
• Airfare
• Health Insurance
• Inoculations
• Netbook / Laptop / HDs
• Water*
• Phone (cards?)
• Camping Gear

* - there was a post about a water bottle that filtered water with a physical barrier that was super cheap and useful. i'm going to find that blog and repost it here.

• Route
• Gear
• Language & Culture
• Training (1st aid, bike repair)
• Health (BMR, BMI, et al.)
• Technology / IT

We're going to proceed by knocking these lists out, one item at a time. We'll be compiling our research here and updating it frequently.

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