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Friday, April 2, 2010

8:05pm, Bangalore. The setting: 2nd floor of the brigade road MacDonalds. Ambiance: Theme from Mortal Kombat.

For the first time since 2003 I'm eating at MacDonalds. I remember the last time because I was so sick for three days that I was too busy hallucinating to eat. Why break the dry spell? Why enter the anti-food establishment my haute-cuisine, olive munching, wine sipping, freerange local egg buying mentality shudders at. Because MacDonalds is probably not as bad as I make it out to be and more importantly, there's fresh game: The MacVeggie.

Made special for India (I think?) the MV is actually tasty. Sure it comes on a white roll with mayo and what is ostensibly leafy greens but more closley resembles chartruse construction paper, but the patty actually tastes like veggies. Well, potatoes. But there was green stuff in it and a pronouced after taste of lentil!

Next up: the Paneer McWrap?


  1. Drew ate at McDonald's... pigs must be flying!!

  2. Well, your mom says when pigs fly? Dad says HOLY GUACAMOLE!!!!!!!! What are you smoking?? OK, big question. Did you get the Indian version of a Happy Meal?

  3. Actually, the McDonald's Veggie Burger can be purchased in many countries around the world - I sampled one in Zurich in Dec '99/ Jan '10.

    When I asked about it, a very nice Swiss person said, "We'll be selling those in the states in a matter of months!"

    "No," I managed to say between mouthfuls of nigh-beef, "you won't - but damn if it isn't tasty."

    You can still get the Burger King veggie burger here in Austin, but I've heard tell that we're one of only a handful of cities that offer it. My town is a total "foodee" burg, which I find intolerable. Every time I got to the Whole Foods flag store, I have to listen talk about preparing food like it's surgery. For god's sake, throw some crap in a hot pan and serve it up - I'm hungry & poor.


    That got a little bit off-topic, didn't it? Sorry.