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Thursday, December 17, 2009

bags and blizzards

finally got around to buying rear racks for the panniers last night - at a paltry $35 a piece i think we made out okay. could have been worse.

oh course, when we bought them, they didn't fit our frames at all. we were having serious doubts about getting them to fit. thankfully, the nice folks at Bike World  were good enough to let us hang around (and even lent us some tools and a couple racks) so we could work on getting the racks adjusted. eliot ended up rigging his reflector holder and screwing the rack mounts into that so it comes off the saddle stem. i got some longer mounts and bent the heck out of them with a set of pliers, mounting them straight into the bike frame. whose will be mightiet? LET THE BATTLE OF JURY-RIGGED PANNIER MOUNTS BEGIN.

afterwards we went for a ride ... in 45 degree weather ... in the rain ... in bike shorts. people, "cold" doesn't begin to describe the kind of pain i was in. but it was good. or, at least, character building (which, growing up, my dad apparently thought was synonymous with "discomfort.") still, we live to bike another day and now we can take stuff with us. exciting. pictures forthcoming.

three big purchases left, folks - the insurance, the visas and the tickets.

Drive in Totals:$: 1713.71


  1. I loved that sequence. Bike, Bike, bike, bike, dog.

  2. hahaha - thanks. technically, panniers though!