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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

film review: Aetbaar

the daughter of a protective father meets a mysterious dirt-bike riding, dark-and-mysterious type after class one day. he has the deep, brooding allure that good little girls can't resist. he's rough with her, and creepy and has a deep voice. BUT THIS ISN'T A VAMPIRE MOVIE. 

then they dance together when he somehow knows she will be at this one club. he says he is something like a demon.  the whole room fades away and he keeps biting her neck while talking about feeling her heartbeat. BUT THIS ISN'T A VAMPIRE MOVIE. 

then, he beats up a bunch of women and follows the girl around, even when she's on vacation. her mother approves but her father thinks he's up to something. in the final confrontation, he is bloodied and beaten but seems to have an almost supernatural strength - hellbent on having her love forever at any cost. BUT THIS ISN'T A VAMPIRE MOVIE. 

it's Aetbaar

i sat through two and a half hours of this junk waiting for a bollywood-style vampire dance off (maybe a nod to Thriller?) and got nothing. nada. zilch. turns out the dude really was just creepy as all heck. if you thought christian bale's batman voice was bad, wait till you see Not-A-Vampire in Aetbaar. interestingly, the wiki on this movie indicates it's a remake of 1996's "FEAR," which is funny because another one of the movies i have to watch, Zinda is an obvious rip-off of Oldboy. India, like America, seems obsessed with the reboot / remake. 

anyway, beware the Aetbaar: which may or may not be a vampire.

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