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Thursday, December 3, 2009

two rides, cinema-style

i totally forgot to post some of our more recent riding adventures -

three nights ago eliot and i went on a stupid, stupid bike ride. now, as you probably already know, eliot and i are the kinds of dudes who laugh - nay, taunt - danger. we stare straight into the beady black eyes of danger, take a sip of straight rye bourbon and whisper in a firm gruff voice: "yer momma." but on monday, eliot had to get to a credit union so we took off down the access road of loop 410. now, details get a little blurry, but i remember it going something like this:

we still managed to ride 8.36 miles. so that's something, i suppose. the lesson here is: buy a light for your bike, because seriously: trucks will kill you, you guys. thankfully, we made it home safe (never did find a credit union). then last night, as +/- 40 degree weather made for a pleasant brisk evening we went on another ride (7.55 miles though i think it was further) that went something like this:

Drive in Totals: 
$: 1624.71
Logged: 23.89m / 38.45km

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