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Friday, January 29, 2010

borging out

eliot and i commonly come up with our own lengthy short hand for talking about things, often constructed from obscure pop-culture references. i won't even try to sum the meaning or sources for these as they are both multitudinous, tiresome and really not all that funny to anyone else. but one phrase - "borging out" - has become commonplace for us so i thought i'd include it here. to start with, let's examine this video shall we? 

basically, eliot is convinced we're going to look like funky space aliens from beyond the stars to our countryside indian compatriots. i tend to agree - what with our ultra-tight space pants, wheeled black pedal-cows and stripes of space age reflective material.  but when a headset microphone, a bike helmet and a rearview mirror are combined ... well, my friend, you are officially borged out.

i added the nerf gun for giggles. 

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