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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Food of India, part II: saag paneer

saag paneer (also called Palek Paneer) is a super tasty dish that indians enjoy on a daily basis. i enjoy it when i make the drive down to bombay hall for lunch. either way, it's delicious to the max.

saag is usually made with spinach or mustard greens, and it's basically just wilted and then cream is added. paneer is the name of a simple cheese (usually homemade) that goes in the dish. actually, i was up at the grocery last night and saw paneer in the cheese section so, there you go. not so exotic.

like most of what westerners think of as "indian" cuisine, saag paneer is punjabi. see, when pakistan was united in 1947, all the conservative muslims went thataway, which drove alot of ethnic hindus down into the country from the Punjab region.  at least, that's the story i heard from the nice indian lady on splendid table who went on and on about how awesome mangoes were (see previous post!). punjab cuisine became all the rage and as more immigrants left india for the west, that's the cuisine they brought with them. pretty much all the indian food you've had, chances are, has been punjabi.

here is a video on how to make this dish. you know it's a good recipe when every ingredient is "to taste" and the cooks eye-ball everything.

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