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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

dagger-faced little buggers

went and got my arm shot up with chemicals today at the travel clinic. picked up Hep B (unlike e-man) in additional to typhoid, H1N1 and my malaria pills. unfortunately i don't have enough time (or, cough, money) to get japanese  encephalitis which killed (cough) 578 people in Uttar Pradesh province. so, it's time to look into ways to prevent mosquito bites! 

apparently, catnip oil works up to 10 times better than DEET: 


Also, 80% of bites happen on the ankles so we gotta wear socks. And apparently 80% of bites happen the hour before dusk and the hour after dawn. So turn in early and sleep late. but if even ONE of those little buggers gets you, you can get all kinds of degenerative, horrible diseases that leave you bleeding and shooting fluids from every orifice before you keel over and die in gooey shame. 

I don't want to die from japanese encephalitis. 

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