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Friday, January 15, 2010

Hindus ... In ... Spaaaaaaaace!

proponents of the ancient astronaut theory (AAT) believe extra-terrestrials (or xeno-terrestrials if you prefer) visited earth a long time ago and basically got our civilization going.  they range from dudes who think it's "possible" to guys like David Icke, who thinks the queen of england is a reptilian space monster from beyond the stars sent to control us (YES REALLY). these guys point to some particular passages in the Vedas (Hindu holy scriptures) that describe Vimanas - flying contraptions that carry the gods (and sometimes humans) around.

pretty cool stuff. apparently, according to the Vedas anyway, Hindu gods made these contraptions and flew around in them "shooting lightning" at each other. not only does this make for laser-shooting crazy-lookin' space gods, (which is the coolest religion *I've* ever heard of), it also sounds a whole lot like, um,  this. 

truly, Truly, TRULY outrageous. *

* it occurs to me that we slip alot of these little jokes in the blog and don't always explain them. you might have noticed a number of blogs are marked with the tag "truly, truly, truly outrageous." to get this, you will want to watch this.   DREW IS MY NAME / NO ONE ELSE IS THE SAAAAAAAAAME!

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