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Friday, March 19, 2010

Cameras Lost

One temporary, the other gone for goooood.

First, Elioto's: My battery died, and I left the charger in Bangalore. No pictures for the Andamans. Bummer. Temporary.

Second, Seth's: this happened so swiftly and elegantly, I could swear it was orchestrated by some mighty universal force with a funky sense of humor. We were at the Kotnagiri bus station, on a small hill next to a drainage ditch running out of a nearby building complex. Seth was moving his camera or taking a picture or something, and all in one amazing motion, the camera swung up, whacked his hand or bag strap, flung through the air like a wrecking ball come free from its bondage, and sunk straight down into the opening in the sidewalk.

It hit the grimy concrete, slid a few feet down and, to all of our dismay, accelerated right off the flue and down down down into the slushy sewer main that collects pretty much everything from everywhere. It was an epic ballet, a wonderful tragedy that ended like most do: survivors left to stand around and ask each other if "that did just really happen."

There was clearly nothig Seth or anybody could do about it, and he knew it. Resigning to not worry about it, we all had a good laugh and told Drew he better take some solid pictures now that we're both dry in the photo dept. He agreed.

One tragedy that I do know of: several shots of the curious monkeys that ate our guava leavings off the window sill were lost forever. Bummer. Little cat raccoon people.


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