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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Endorsement: Antimicrobial Undies

Hoooboy; in the first of the endorsement series, I'd like to introduce a true lifesaver to the wayfaring vagabond with little time for trifles such as washing their underwear. My antimicrobial undies stay un-stinky for about 10 times longer than my regular decrepit cotton undies do.

Check this out: on an overnight train from the Western Ghatts to Chennai, I can tell that I should be exceptionally stinky after showering sparingly over the last week, and not washing any of my clothes either. Yet, here I type, merely a tad smelly but by no means rank and offensive (that I know of). So proud of my smart purchase, I will endorse this product not only for time and cash strapped travelers, but also for the exceptionally lazy, who wish not to waste any extra time at home and in between burrito runs.

Endorsement: Antimicrobial Undies! Thanks Lexis!


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