eliot & drew bike through india for 3 months, trying to inconspicuously do some good in the world.

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Feast For The Eyes

Got some fresh uploads from my (Eliot) camera, from our hike earlier today in the Ooty hills to Seth's arrival in Banga-town.

Seth wasn't so sure about Sugar Cane juice with Pepper.

Dosa: Yummers.


Dominoes. Best way to spend 4 hours out of every day.

Tea and carrots.
.We ain't got time to bleed. But Drew bled a little earlier, actually.

Unnamed lake. Sparkling. We mushed around in the woods up and to the right.

Hiking up the Nilgiris above Ooty. Beaut-i-mous.

Watering tea fields.

Intrepid trekkers. Not Trekkies. Maybe a little.

The oldest churchyard in the Nilgiris. Ooty below - the key is to get out of the bustle, and it is a pretty amazing place.

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