eliot & drew bike through india for 3 months, trying to inconspicuously do some good in the world.

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Monday, March 15, 2010

three vagabundos

Seth arrived safe and sound and has taken well to the eliot and drew daily schedule:

1. wake up early
2. drink chai
3. eat a dosa
4. wander around being a gringo
5. chai
6. chai
7. gringo activity #2
8. chai
9. play cards, read, chat idly over ...
10. chai
11. sleep

it's good to have a third (now we can play cribbage with cards and matador with dominos. sick to the power of awesome!) and seth has a ravenous non-vegetarian appetite which allows us to inspect the local meat dishes otherwise a mystery to us. perhaps chicken 65 is in his future?

we're spending today planning our time with seth, sans-bikes. for the next two and a half weeks we'll be taking trains, planes and automobiles rickshaws accross the great expanse of india and, with any luck, the Andaman Islands - reportedly some of the most untouched, pristine beaches in the world. ideal for snorkling, sipping gin and generally hemingway-ing things up. hey brother hicks - get ready for a "I park my Yacht in Port Blair" t-shirt. Disco!

we'll let you know just what happpens. and as soon as i can find wi-fi again, expect a new set of photos, articles and videos from our time in bangalore and beyond. keep peddling, dear readers.

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  1. Well, Samuel and I just watched the video of his very nice house you are staying in. He says at first glance it looks like a few things are missing and that his books have clearly been disturbed. I promised him you would return everything. He also says there are normally a couple of very attractive young women there, and he ahs some concern that you and elliott and now Seth have driven them away? I didn't realize that you had ingratiated yourself with our employees here and have some concern that perhaps you threatened Samuel with his job or pay cut if he didn't offer up his very nice house? Anyway, I have alleviated my concerns by loaning Samuel your car until you return, with instructions to do with as he pleases?? Seems only fair.