eliot & drew bike through india for 3 months, trying to inconspicuously do some good in the world.

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

stalling for time

another post to let you know we're a-o-k here in india. we haven't found wi-fi yet but when we do you'll be ablt to catch up on the rest of the first incredible week including:

* the time we were rescued by the Indian Ernest Hemingway!

* the harrrowing adventure of Daniel the Alsacian!

* The mighty HILLS of India!



* Beach Bash Summer Sleep Away India 2010

stay tuned dear readers! we promise we're not dead or lazy!


  1. Happy 25th birthday Drew!!

  2. It will now be the greatest regret of my life that I was not rescued by Indian Ernest Hemingway.

  3. Well, it sounds like you are having a great tie and learning a lot about life. I join your mom in saying Happy 25th Birthday. I think you have had a great 1/4 of a century. The bad neis you only get two more, so you are 1/3 of the way to the answer to the biggest adventure of all-What happens after this life. I am inside the last 1/3 of that little countdown, so I get to know the answe rfirst. Happy Birthday. Dad