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Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Joy of Eating (possibly due to intestinal parasites)

Man, I (Elioto) looooove eating in India. Mainly because I am constantly hungry and thus can almost always fit more into my expanding hatch. This is a fabulous problem to have, as food in India is readily available pretty much everywhere, and chances are it is either sweet or spicy, and nearly always delicious. So I can look forward to eating three or four full meals a day, plus snacks, cookies, beer and Chai. Chai when you wake up, chai for lunch, chai for dinner and chai before bed. Awesome. Upon arrival, we mostly had combos of rice and masala or dal for our meals, but as we've become more sophisticated, we've staved off into separate regions of cuisine. The best deal in my book is Veg thali, which is akin to Hawaiian "Plate Lunch," where you get the equivlant of a home cooked meal on a plate: usually two or three Dals or Masala-type dishes, some Chapatis (tortilla-like brads), a Papadam (crispy tortilla chip thing) or some Roti (like Naan), plus a cup of yogurt and something sweet, like sweet hominy or something (kind of Cream of Wheat-ish). Wash it all down with some chai and table water and you are the image of satisfaction. Also, for about 2 bucks. Be still, my frugal heart.

While shoving all this deliciousness in my face over the last couple weeks, Drew has expressed concern that I might be eating "for two, if you know what I mean." Not in possession of a womb, this can only mean one thing: tape worms. Doubtful, I think, as I have no symptoms of yet to report, and no, er "sightings," if you know what I mean. However, there are forms of infection that show no symptoms, and some that can send larvae through the bloodstream and into the brain! So, Drew, if I start acting funny or speaking in worm language, you have full rights to flush me. Or whatever. Otherwise, I might mutate and grow and end up like that giant man-worm on that one X-Files episode. Great Episode.

Back to India! We've been thoroughly enjoying the gift of temporary residency at the "Mighty" Boosh Thoma's home in Bangalore (thank you), and have been spending all day today eating food and drinking tea and coffee. A rapid departure from our usual rushing around and cycling many km per day, it actually feels a little strange to rest. But my mind knows it is good.

In other awesome news: Seth Danger Chapman arrives in India tonight! 3:30am! Man, that's Late! we're very much looking forward to exploring more of India Incredi-a-bl-ay con our old roommate from Los Angeles. Stay tuned, and maybe we can muster some more photos if we can find a computer with a USB port! Zang!

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  1. IT sounds like India has become the adventure you hoped for. It is good to hear from you guys regularly and to see the visible evidence of your journey. Miss you. Dad