eliot & drew bike through india for 3 months, trying to inconspicuously do some good in the world.

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Sunday, March 7, 2010


hey ghost-followers:

big ol steaming update to the picasa album happened today so go check it out! we're having some workflow issues with our mobiles, so we're going to drop photos there until we can incorperate them into the actual blog later. surf on over to THIS site and check out the 50+ new pictures.

UPDATE: as of 3/7/10 @ 16:44 i have uploaded all the pictures from picasa over to the site. unfortunately local computers will not let me edit the photos. sincere apologies for the lack of rotation on portrait-oriented photos and i promise to clean them up a bit more. enjoy what you can, sorry about you having to crane your neck on the others. keep peddling!

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