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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2 days to go time - रोचक एंड रोल!

Yep, I turned on the Hindi-translator, so if you dare, dear readers, you may attempt to translate little juicy bits like this: थे क़ुइक्क फोक्स जुम्पेद ओवर थे लज्य दोग. Oh YEAH!
SoooIn other news, Drew and I are prepping to hop in his Dad's car tomorrow morning and ride out to Houston to meet my cousin Lisa। We'll be staying with her (thanks, Lisa!), and hopping a ride with my cousin Brad the next day to the Houston International Airport। Our flight out is at 6:45pm, and once we get all our luggage checked and on the plane and lifting off of US soil, my mind is gonna 'SPLODE!
I'd like to thank my bodacious Grandparents for baby sitting my car and my cat, Merlin. Their house is covered in huge old Oak trees on which Merlin shall be exploring on a daily basis. Thus, he is happy. Thanks, फोल्क्स!

In the meantime, we're still very much concerned about the bombing in Pune, south of Mumbai, on Saturday. In sifting through the requisite warnings and such from the state dept and US embassy, we're keeping our wits about us and keeping abreast of the developments from the Indian government and Pakistan. Know this: if stuff "gets real" while we're over there, we have no druthers about hopping a flight to Dubai, or Hawaii for that matter, and chilling out in relative saftey until relative saftey is reached in India. But for now, we're just keeping our ears open. Thanks again for the words of concern from friends and family. We're praying to Ganesh to get them obstacles outta the way.
Namaste for now, all - 2 days to go!

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