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Friday, February 12, 2010

countdown : 6

another big day at ghost runners HQ - e-man was coming back up from pleasanton, tx so i once again had the house to myself. me and the cat spent the morning sleeping and packing.  while ricochet the cat lived up to species' particular brand of napping, i made buckwheat pancakes, boxed up some more of my life,  and headed over to the storage facility.

it's my life ... in a box

goodbye money - i never loved you anyway. ugh ... so much stress and joy in these final days, all piled on top of each other like some kind of anxious caprese. man, i'm hungry. regardless, storage facility is a go and, like the phone and (soon) my water and power bills everything is being auto-debited. you know, i may hate money, but paradoxically i wish i had more of it. then i could do this trip in truly, truly, truly outrageous style instead of poor-dumb-schloob-style. man, even my sentences make less sense these days. 

bought some bells and string to make a late-night bike thief deterrent / low-tech snake / tiger / bear repellent. the idea is to have a string of bells we put over or around the bikes at night so if someone tried to gank 'em, the bells would ring and the dude will be all "Oh No! Bells!" and jet. also tigers and snakes hate humans (i assume) and everything we stand for, especially joy, ergo christmas. hence, silver bells = evil animal repellent. to a grouch, christmas is a bummer.  LOGIC'D!

all in all, me and eliot have reach a high level of excitement. there is still some stress - a few little gaps in the plan that need filling in before we take off. and i'm going to miss the people here TONS. last night me and the gents went to the bar and had a jolly old time. if i die in india, it'll be okay. but i think i'd miss being able to hang out with those guys. unless after you die you get to go to some tavern-in-the-sky with a bunch of famous old dudes and kathy ireland from 1984. Hands off of the jukebox, Mark Twain -  Rythym is a Daaaaaancer! wooooOOOOOOOoooooo KEEP IT GOING, former president William Howard Taft! Man that 'stache can groove. 

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