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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Adios Dubai, hello Mumbai

Well, it's finally that time: we're kicking out from what has been the most opulent and sensational city in recent memory and bouncing across land and sea to what will surely be one of the most intense and varied landscapes in the world. Holy guacamole.

On the way to the check in counter, we passed a rather suspicious looking box, hastily taped and dingy, leaning up next to a column. Spider Sense buzzing, we alerted our gate check agent to the possible issue. "Oh, that's fairly normal, I'm sure they'll take care of it." Hmmm. Not to be paranoid or whatnot, but it seems rather dodgy for a cardboard box taped shut to be loitering in one of the largest terminals in the middle east. Moments later, we spoke with another gate agent who, with some alarm, alerted
security. It all depends on who you talk to. Thanks, Mum.

In veg news, BK Dubai features an acceptable "Bean Royale" burger that I, Eliot, just stuffed
my face with. Yummy? It gets the job done. Here's hoping the burrito makes it's way out here soon.

Splendid thanks to my folks for putting us up during our stay in the Emirates. Also many thanks to Vikram and his family for the excellent food and advice re: Incredible India!

Got a couple hours to kill in duty free - mission: power convertor, taachi station style. Change money. Oggle stewardesses.

Salud! Next post from Mumbai....

Location:Dubai Airport Terminal 3

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