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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Countdown : 0

8:58 -
The day begins in Houston after the first decent nights sleep I've had in two weeks. Made toast, an omelet and coffee. Generous host Brad gives me and Eliot full run of the kitchen ... We take full advantage.

9:30 -
Frantically packing the bags for shipping tales some effort and lots of trail and error. Eventually we decide Eliot has to ship another bag. Get a text from mom who days to have a cup of tea and take a deep breath. Good advice in any situation so I put
the kettle on.

11:30 -
Brad drives me to the post office to mail a letter for Eliot. We take his corvette which has 10,000 horses in it, porcelain brakes, and no less than fifteen exhaust pipes. I understand enough to know that when we hit 96mph (and we do) the car is just warming up.

12:05 -
Arrive Geoge W Bush International airport. Learn that a plane has crashed into a building in Austin. Taken with the assassination in Dubai on the 15th and the bombing in India on the 13th, it seems somehow appropriate but no less horrifying. Talk to brother Blair in a-town, seems fine with the whole thing. Weigh bags, have some walnuts and stretch out. Airline check in starts in 2 hours. I call Lauren, Blair, and the phone company. Like the Austin crash, when the lady at AT&T starts screwing me out of more money, I roll with it. Hell, i expect it. Unphased, I stretch some more, have some water and eat a chocolate covered espresso bean. Nalgene bottle still smells like purple protein juice from the last training run.

Eliot is on the phone with his folks in Dubai. Double checking we gave a ride, a place to crash. "were pretty excited. Just waiting for the shoe to drop with these boxes. Then we'll slip into euphoric bliss," he says. I agree completely. More stretching, more water. Working out the last of the nervous energy. Feeling grand. Look up Durga on wiki and discover more connections between Star Wars and Hinduism. Indialicious!!

Standing in line fir security. Zero problems shipping the bikes to Dubai! Finally some good news!

15:22 -
Post sandwich trip to duty free. Oggle macallen scotch. Mmmmm ...

16:03 -
Find this interesting tidbit in Outdoor Magazines list of 51 Perfect Things:

16:21 -
Stop at Jamba Juice. Clark calls. Miss that guy something awful. I drink a pomegranant smoothis while he tells us about his newborn nephews amazing farting ability and tries to convince me to move to california when I return. Less than 2 hours to go!

Change Dollars to Dirham. Foreign money will always have novelty. Head to the terminal and camp for the last hour to hour and a half. Have a brief but steamy conversation re: emirates air stewardess uniforms. Gggggrowwwwl. Our flight crew is outside the gate in football huddle chatting about who-knows-what. Probably talking about the two pasty white dudes talking loudly about clark's nephew's legendary flatulence.

Flight crew boards! Almost time. Take a second to think about people back home. Hope Sidi is alright.

Boarding call. Here we go. Love, well wishes and rock n roll to everyone out there. Our next entry will be from Dubai. Be excellent to each other!

Location:S Terminal Rd,Houston,United States

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