eliot & drew bike through india for 3 months, trying to inconspicuously do some good in the world.


Friday, February 19, 2010

Sci-fi o-Rama

Emirate air is amazing. Just hands down the classiest flying experience i've ever had. From the helpful stewardesses to the immaculate bathroom with complimentary scented oils and lotions, to the kind Pakistani dude seated next to us, everything was just tops. Highly recommended fir your travel experience.

Stars on the cielings at night time

Second glass of wine and some Iron John

Eliot watching movies

Dubai's airport was cyclopean. Like Kazad-Dum sized. Just unbelievable. Planning ahead at Houston paid off and extensive weighings of the gear and measurements of the bike boxes meant that everything came through perfectly fine on the other side. I'm happy to report both boxes and all gear is present and accounted for!

Landed in Dubai about 6:50. It's now ten till midnight, and it's hard to say where the time went. After eliot's parents picked us up, we went back to their place and cleaned up before having dinner. Now we're back at the apartment bedding down, less than 24 hours from when we arrived at the airport. This place is built on a scale that's hard to understand. Oppulance, commodity and crass consumerism already seems so rampant that more than once tonight i had to take a break while walking around festival city. Everything here, as Eliot wisely put it, is built like the stuff they CG in most movies. The whole time you feel like your an extra in some grand sci-fi epic that's being filmed just over there a bit.

Location:13 B St,Dubai,United Arab Emirates


  1. Good morning newly annointed arab dudes. You look perfectly at home in Dubai. The crass commercialism, over the top attention to detail and extravagance should make both of you feel right at home. THe cardboard boxes you shipped your bikes in seem a little out of place. I would recommend Gucci or Louis Vitton bike bags next time.
    Nice to know that the architects of Dubai were original enough to try to copy the riverwalk.

  2. That sounds amazing. Brook told me a story of shooting in dubai. the only car they could rent to haul gear around was an aston martin. As for being inside a sci fi movie, I am going to have to check that place out at some point