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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mini-Ride down Salado Creek, plus history lesson

Eliot here, reporting on a neato-bandito solo ride I did yesterday through San Antonio's beautiful Salado Creek. This section of East SAT features a creek walk that snakes along a nice part of the creek, which I'm sure would be mighty pretty in the summer. However, when I rolled through, It was like a tsunami had mashed it's way down the corridor, as trash in the trees and plowed up undergrowth led me to believe a gullywasher blew through here not too long ago.

No matter, the birds were chirping and everybody waved on the way by. I had to stop and pump some air into my tires, but nothing much else to report. San Antonio is a very "liveable" city, and I'm going to miss my time here for just such reasons as this.

On the way, I passed a tiny Texas point of Historic Interest monolith on the side of the road - The Battle of the Salado. A rather significant moment in Texan history, this is the spot where the Mexican army, on their way out but still occupying San Antonio, was knocked back by Col. Matthew Caldwell and Capt. John C. Hays, preventing them from taking Austin, the capital of the then Republic of Texas. And today, it is peaceful and quiet. Amazing. Long live Texas.

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