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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dubai Checklist

Good nights rest? Check!

Doxycycline regime started? Check!

Run to Steve Winwood's higher love on a treadmill overlooking downtown Dubai? That's a big check.

Settling in here at la casa de padres Murray. Took a walk around town last night trying to get into a soccor game but it was nearly over so we opted to do some grocery shopping, grab a juice and head home for some dinner. Eliot's folks have been great hosts. And their apartment is in a cool area. Also, we're awoken at 5:30 every morning by the two mosques nearby which compete in volume for the morning prayer. It's not nearly as annoying as you might think. Quite the opposite in fact - I look forward to it. There is a sense of order and satisfaction knowing that the city rises and speaks in unison to their God everyday at the same time. Here's some shits around the apartment:

View from the room. The metro is under construction on the far right. You can probably see at leadt one of the mosques and the building with all the buses is the English school. The white roofs at the bottom are the French school.

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