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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Arrivederci, Alamo!

today ended my brief (but memorable) 17-month stay at Alamo Hospice (no, not as a patient, as an employee). it's interesting, when i started working there, my goal was to be as healthy as i could be with my ultimate goal to live to be 150. after working at a hospice i know now that i want to die a sudden, violent death at the height of my life. 

with that in mind, i turn my attention towards the cobras, tigers and multitudinous diseases of the Indian subcontinent. 9 days to close up all the ends of my life here in Texas, bike a ton and head out. 

OH! we added a twitter feed over on the side there. if you (groan) "tweet," then please by all means twoot your twit with us. or whatever you call it. bursts of genius, shots of stupidity and flights of fancy all @ghostrunners. 

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