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Sunday, February 14, 2010

countdown : 4

skipped the countdown yesterday since i spent the whole day packing (again). tensions are running high, still. i seemed to be on pins and needles all the time these days. jumping at everything, emotions swinging. and after the bombing yesterday in pune, there are some serious fears. the state department sent us an e-mail asking us to take extra caution. thankfully, we're avoiding serious tourist spots in favor of rural regions and should be able to avoid any major attacks, bombings or kidnappings. your prayers and well-wishes are appreciated. we're smart and we're careful and we're watching out for one another.

biked up eliot's bike tonight and got the bags more or less ready to ship. tomorrow will be my last real day at the house - i'll still be living there but everything i own will be in storage. just my bed will remain.

oooooohhh the anxiety. flight-or-fight is kicking in BAD.

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