eliot & drew bike through india for 3 months, trying to inconspicuously do some good in the world.


Friday, February 26, 2010

Mumbai, mi amor part II

After the helpful advice from the Indian call center we stumbled into we found our way to the India tourism office and a man who gave Shilpa a run for her money in terms of helpfulness - Rakesh.

Not only did he patiently wait for an hour, himouring our every request, but he gave us loads of maps and recommended hotels for our entire journey! Lots of advice on how to deal with folks, where to camp and how people will just take care of us.

Went to the grocer, saw the Gate, chatted with some merchants and shared our snacks (they looooove foreigners who love their food. apparently most don't? Schloobs.), ate again, got pan with a doctor of chemical engineering (more on this later!) and caught the train back at peak time - the pictures don't do this fact justice but think cattle car (or dokow train. Too soon?).

Pan Walla - more on this later.

A fine "Givson" guitar for sale.


  1. two things
    1-those little wire bikes are incredible.
    2-what is the last picture of. i see a dude and gears and am very interested

  2. Givson makes a fine guitar - personally, I prefer the acoustics - The Hummingvird, The Vove - over the electrics - your VS-335s, Ves Pauls, & the like...

    On a musical tangent, I met a girl on the bus the other day who is studying the sitar, and is currently learning hindi so that she can visit india next summer with her sitar teacher & "study with the masters". that is VERY cool, no?