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Thursday, February 11, 2010

countdown: 7

[[ soundtrack: cloudkicker ]]

god willing and the creeks don't rise, i'll be in the international terminal of the Houston airport this time next week. until then, this has become my life:


boxed up books and records for lauren today. she's being amazing with me leaving. i'm sure it's not easy or fun for her to watch me box up my life and leave the country for 3 months. but she's being super encouraging and in an act of what seems to be only slightly-less-than-pure-generosity, is taking a selection of books, my DVDs and my records to her house for safe storage. go-go gadget girlfriend.

called a storage place that'll keep my stuff for the next three months for much less than i thought i'd have to pay. gotta keep boxing stuff up.  coming from a family of pack-rats and bibliophiles, i have boxes and boxes filled to the brim with books. besides that, everything i own seems to be 4 lamps, a 48-star flag and a painting of edgar allen poe.

new pictures of the bike coming today or tomorrow. the new bag configuration is highly efficient and awesome. plus now my pepper spray is actually where i can get to it. as i said, pictures forthcoming. the lesson learned? pay for quality when you can, but a little thought and a little elbow grease go a looooooong way.

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