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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Countdown : 1

The last two days have been ridiculous. Saying goodbye to everyone was hard enough, but there were boxes to pack, furniture to stash and about a hundred things to check off my list. I think (read:hope in spite of a sinking feeling) that I got everything done. The important stuff is done: mom knows I love her, friends know I'll miss them, cat has a home (thanks, teapot).

After Lauren took ricochet, I settled into super last minute crunch. Boxed up bikes, threw everything in a giant duffle and headed to the bookstore. Picked up Death in the Afternoon by Hemingway and Iron John by Bly (again). Then to the bank, the grocery and then on to dad's place.

So my life is a box and, as I sit in eliot's cousin's kitchen petting his cat, I'm too tired to really be excited. I need a good night of sleep, a cup of tea and a good ride. I think once I have boots on the ground I'll be able to be excited but right now I'm exhausted.

Location:Fallen Timber Ct,Spring,United States

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